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Cavé Personal Chef | Paleo Meals

Our Weekly Meal Service is on summer break as we focus on the restaurant side of things…We will be re-launching a new program for weekly meals after the summer in a different format.

You all know we had recently changed how you order from us a few months ago, but we feel that this system needs to be adjusted and the menu needs updating. Rather than doing a quick fix, we have decided to take our time and come up with a new approach….or perhaps revisit a version of what we had done over the past 4 years. 

For over 4 years, Cavé has been at the forefront of healthy eating and fine dining in Monmouth County. We are the first in the area to provide both a 100% Paleo meal service AND Restaurant! Thanks to the amazing local support, we have been able to succeed as a business and for that we thank all of you! In the meantime, we will see you here at Cavé where you can still get the best tasting, cleanest and most healthy and innovative food available in the area!

We welcome your feedback in the meantime regarding the meal service whether you are a long time customer or even if you have never ordered before. We will be back in September with the same great food you have come to know and love! Stay tuned for updates and emails as we put together a new menu that will help you keep on track with your healthy, clean eating goals!

Chef Doug